Design project of the interior space

Documentation is included in the design of the project:

  • Measurement drawing
  • Options for planning decisions
  • Plan for the construction of dismantling and assembling
  • The plan of arrangement of furniture
  • Driving floors, the layout of materials
  • Ceiling Plan
  • Driving lights
  • Layout outlets
  • Cuts across the ceiling of each room
  • Driving underfloor heating
  • Driving doorways
  • Technological scheme of kitchen furniture
  • The plan of arrangement san technical equipment
  • Sweep bathrooms with miscalculation material
  • Sweep the walls of all rooms
  • Specification for electrical equipment
  • Specification fixtures
  • Interior visualization (2-3 species in each room)

Dates: the approximate time of execution of the project design 4-8 weeks.

The design of the project

Design projects in the styles of Classicism, Baroque, Renaissance

More precise price is determined after the approval of sketches.

Author's supervision:

Supervision is a set of actions carried out visually and documented and designed to determine whether the architectural planning, artistic, technical decisions and actions carried out by the architect, interior designer.

Check out the architect, designer object, making adjustments to the drawings in the construction process control and consultation during installation and finishing works control and compliance advice for the project. Preparation of commercial proposals with the selection of vendors in conjunction with the customer finishing materials, furniture and interior items, and others.

Dates: agreement on supervision is for the period agreed by the parties. If the construction of the facility does not end at this time, it is an additional contract.

Cost of work:

Supervision - per month, site visits 4-6 times.

Architectural design


  • residential buildings: houses, villas, townhouses, apartment houses
  • public buildings, cafes, restaurants, hotels, office buildings, etc.

Stage design sketch (FL):

It allows you to work out in detail all the architectural solutions of the future object to the final decision, to prepare documentation for the beginning stages of design.

The composition sketch of the project includes the following documents:

  • Master plan
  • Obmerochnye drawings
  • Floor plans to redevelopment
  • Plans floor after redevelopment
  • Sections (longitudinal and transverse)
  • Facades
  • Visualization
  • Explication
  • Technical and economic indices

Dates: from 2 to 5 weeks.

Cost of work:

To 150-500 m2 - 10$ / m2

From 500-1000 m2 - 8$ / m2

From 1000 m2 - 7$ / m2

Stage of the project (P) + stroke project (RP):

Stage design, in which the final decisions on functional, structural and stylistic decisions.

Executed according to the approved regulations.

The project will include the following documents:

  • Master plan
  • Floor plans to redevelopment
  • Plans floor after redevelopment
  • Roof plan
  • Plans and explication of the sexes
  • Sections (longitudinal, transverse, nodal cuts)
  • Facades
  • Passport facades
  • Vedomosti decoration
  • Architectural details
  • Specifications
  • Explication
  • Technical and economic indices
  • Explanatory note
  • Visualization

Dates: 2-6 weeks.

Cost of work:

To 500 m2 -15$ / m2

From 500-1000 m2 -14$ / m2

From 1000 m2 -13$ / m2

The structure of the documentation from the RP section includes:

  • Foundations
  • Constructions with reinforced concrete
  • Steel structures
  • Wooden constructions
  • Plan Blood
  • The construction of staircases
  • Explanatory note

Dates: 2-6 weeks simultaneously with the n + RP.

Cost of work:

To 500 m2 - 9$ / m2

From 500-1000 m2 -8$ / m2

From 1000 m2 -6$ / m2

Landscape design

Documentation is included in the project LANDSCAPE OF THE TERRITORY:

  • The support plan
  • Master plan, suggestions on design elements of landscape architecture
  • Dendroplan
  • Visualization
  • Layout drawings
  • Planting drawing
  • Driving grading
  • Recommendations for the care of plants

Dates: the approximate time of the project 2-8 weeks.

Cost of work:

Landscape design - price to be confirmed.