Design Concept:

"The ease of the space"

Technical specification:

Total area - 103.73 m2

Premises designed: corridor, living room, kitchen.

General information:

Pleasant sunny tints of yellow animates noble black, gray and white. Common colors brings calm and delight. Light furniture geometry makes space comfortable, everything is fresh and clean. There is a desire to brew a cup of tea with lemon and enjoy the tart taste of the drink that is so synonymous with lemon splashes of color in design.

Resiting 3-room apartment into a studio apartment. Design goal: to ensure a comfortable stay of the whole family in a single area. The design is implemented in bright colors, with accents of black and yellow. Restrained forms and laconic lines fill the space with a soft light and comfort. Functional zoning is performed following all norms and rules of design. All the wishes of customers were accounted. As well as the design is developed taking into account the financial costs of the repair of the apartment.